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The Prayer Labyrinth

A labyrinth is a pattern which, unlike a maze, is not designed to confuse but rather to help a person reach a destination by way of a thoughtful or prayerful walk. The labyrinth has a clear beginning and will lead the walker to the centre of the pattern. The walker leaves the labyrinth by simply following the same path back to the start. For centuries Christians have used labyrinths as a tool to help with prayer.

Here’s a suggestion of how this might work for you.

Stand at the start but before you begin your journey think back over the week that is past. Recall highs and lows, successes and muddles.

Now, slowly and thoughtfully make your way towards the

centre of the labyrinth saying ‘thank you’, ‘help’, or ‘sorry’ to God as the events of the past week pop up in your mind. When you reach the centre take some deep breaths, relax and enjoy a few moments of peace. Now begin your journey back to the beginning. As you do so leave the past behind and focus your thoughts and prayers upon what lies in store for you in the coming days. When you reach the start again pause once more to say ‘thank you’ and to fix in your mind any useful thoughts or resolution which have come to you on this labyrinth journey.

You may like to use this prayer:

Dear God

may your loving, Father’s hands take care of all that is past;

may I seek to follow Jesus on the path that lies ahead;

and may the Holy Spirit guide and strengthen me

on my journey.  


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