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Welcome to Wrentham

Wrentham Parish Council holds its meetings in the Village Hall on the 3rd Monday in each month, except for August, at 7.30 PM.  Members of the public are invited to an open forum at the start of each meeting to discuss any item on the Agenda. This is put on the Parish Notice Boards and this website one week prior to the meeting.

The Parish Council Notice Boards (2). One is sited on the A12  in the lay-by opposite the ‘Old Town Hall’ and the other one is in the village hall car park.

Further Information:

Agenda of  Parish Council Meeting

Latest Minutes of  Parish Council Meetings

Minutes of Annual Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting

Planning Meetings and Finance meeting minutes

Annual Audit & Accounts 2018

Please find below documents which we are required to publish under The Accounts & Audit Regulations 2015 – simply double click on them to view -

1) Annual Governance Statement Annual Governance Statement 2018

2) Statement of Accounts Accounting Statement 2018

(Please note these are unaudited and subject to change)

3)Exercise of Public Rights

Exercise of Electors Rights 2018

A Summary of Electors Rights

Certificate of Exemption

Wrentham Parish Council - Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities

In December 2014 The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) issued the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities.  The Code is a requirement for smaller authorities to make information available for local people to increase democratic accountability.

This page allows you to access all of the information that we are required to publish under the Transparency Code.

The information will be available by 1st July each year following the end of the financial year it relates to.  The exception to this is the publishing of minutes and agendas of formal meetings which will continue to be published on an ongoing basis.

Financial Year 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017

All items of Expenditure above £100 - Expenditure

Annual Accounts & Bank Reconciliation -  Annual Accounts & Bank Reconciliation

Accounting Statement - Annual Return Form – Annual Return Form  

Annual Governance Statement - Annual Return Form – Annual Governance Form    

Internal Audit Report - Annual Return Form – Annual Audit Form  

Explanation of any significant variances -  Variances  

List of Councillors and Responsibilities -  Councillor Responsibilities  

Wrentham PC Asset Register - Assets

Wrentham PC - CIL Report 2016/2017

Kind regards  

Frances Bullard

Parish Clerk – Wrentham


Chairman -Mr Ian Watson

 Vice Chairman - Mrs. L.  Hutson


Mr David Reeves

Mr. R. Middleditch

Mr. D. Fletcher

Ms Alison Evans

Mrs Caroline Grantham

Mr. K. Perry

Mrs. N. Wilson

Mr. M. Buxton

Mr K Cross

The Clerk - Mrs Frances Bullard



 SC.C. Tony Goldson